VRJ Logistics Pvt. Ltd.also providesMarine Transport Insurance Services against physical damage or loss of goods during transportation. No matter whichever transport, necessary insurance is must for every good. There is always a risk that they the goods may be damaged, lost or delayed in transit. We provide appropriate insurance with necessary arrangements, which includes clauses in insurance contracts, contains details about finding the right policy and how to make a claim

The Marine Insurance Services includes all the important aspects like getting the best insurance quotes, drafting policy wordings and handling your claims and fighting for recoveries. This insurance is like a complete protection for the cargo to be shipped. These insurance services are drafted in order to fulfil the requirements of both importers as well as exporters. The entire coverage of the policy is standard in the parameters but at the same time when it comes to international shipments, there is also the scope of flexibility in it.

Cargo Insurance covers best possible way for any type of cargo insurance, be it single shipment policy or an open contract including all cargo in all destinations during certain period of time.