Freight Forwarding for Air shipment :

The air freight business requires complex support networks and the business acumen to match, we have solution for all. We provide reliable air freight services to destinations around the world.

Our service is ideally suited to customers with a high volume of business requiring delivery for time-sensitive goods. We provide this service based on your needs and schedule. With decades of experience and competitively-priced solutions, we offer a single source to manage global air freight.

VRJ Logistics Pvt Ltd provides solutions in air consolidation and forwarding. We provide customer-specific airfreight services to shippers of all sizes. With our international expertise in Air freight Logistics forwarding, we can import or export your shipments in a reliable, timely manner to and from all major markets. Our extensive network and international alliance partners can provide you competitively priced, dependable and timely export and import air shipment service around the world.

In Air freight Import Consolidation Services, we provide economical rates along with weekly consolidations from USA ,Europe & Far East. Through this service customers can avail benefit of cost savings. Our customer service staff is continuously tracking the shipments from origin to destination through airline systems.