3 PL Services / Cross Trade :

VRJ Logistics offers to its client’s 3PL / 4PL services to manage their various functions in supply chain so that the principal can focus on core competencies and better manage and utilize company assets and resources and optimize inventory.

We have experienced staff in all aspects of cross trades to enable you to ship cargo direct from any origin to any destination, whilst maintaining a local contact.

A third-party logistics (3PL) firm is an external supplier that performs all or part of the company’s logistics functions. The definition encompasses providers of services such as transportation, warehousing, distribution and so on.
The use of third party logistics providers has grown dramatically over the last several years and has increasingly become an effective way to reduce costs and spread risks for traditional, vertically integrated firms.

Our end-to-end supply third party logistics services allow our clients to focus on their core business—whether apparel retailing, manufacturing, or product development—while we successfully execute their 3PL service needs.